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cPanel is a UNIX based control panel often included with web hosting accounts to allow the customer to manage their web sites and servers, if servers are part of the deal. The control panel is used to upload and maintain web pages and track data.

The panel with its graphic based interface and automated tool device adds simplicity to website hosting. The cPanel operation is 3 tiers based and the capabilities were developed for website administrators, resellers and end users such as web masters and website owners.

The panel works within a web browser and maintains the necessary controls to execute the necessary administration services to operate a website. The panel also has the capability to operate as a VPS or dedicated server. The state of the art control panel supports CentOS, Red Hat Enterprises, Linux and Cloud Linux.

Application add on’s can be incorporated into the control panel, some of which can be a no cost option, while others are fee based. The applications include Magic Spam, Shoutcast/radio, Geeklog, Joomla and WordPress, among others. Management of some software packs can be managed separately from the main operating system and has the added capability to provide upgrades to Apache, ZamFoo, PHP and MySql.

One of the benefits of cPanel is the ability to log in with a domain name or IP address and a password. Using an IP address allows login, if the domain name has not been propagated. Through the control panel email can be set up as well as auto responders and a catch all email account. The control panel is the management point for database programs such as MySql and to install and set up an index manager and Front Page Extensions.

The control panel includes the web application called Fantastico. It is a content application manager that tracks the software loaded into the system. The content manager system is just right to manage applications such as blogging software including Nucleus and WordPress. Applications such as discussion boards, forums, message boards, guest books, surveys, polls and a variety of ecommerce applications are better managed through cPanel.

cPanel has a wide variety of applications suited for web page and application management. The web browser application is flexible and versatile and adds a dimension of fairly simple operation making web page management compact and less harrowing. cPanel has brought a new means to streamline a web page and its operation and management system.