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VPS Virtual Private Servers

Hosting services offer virtual private servers as part of a web hosting package for customers who need more flexibility or security than a shared server will offer. The VPS provides separate web space by partitioning the server to create a private web area. Essentially, this provides a separate server for that web page.

A virtual private server offers the same disk space and bandwidth, and memory and processing power as a shared system. VPS does not diminish its performance such as system slow down when a number of web pages are being accessed.

VPS often allow multiple domains, private name servers and IP’s to be hosted on that one server. VPS usually offer managed and unmanaged accounts and allow customers to choose which will fit their overall plan and budget. A managed account means the customer puts the build and operation of the web pages in the hands of a web specialist. An unmanaged account means the customer will handle the build and operation of the web page.

Before deciding if VPS is for you, analyze the web page stats. High volume web sites and those who experience high volumes of traffic are typically candidates for virtual private servers. Ecommerce sites are ideal candidates for VPS. The servers provide the necessary uptime and reliability to keep the website up and running and doing business.

The VPS packages typically are equipped with advanced security features. The security features often include around the clock monitoring and data backup on a regular basis. If the customer creates and maintains more than one website will find the VPS ideal as more than one website can be operated within one VPS. This gives the customer to keep all data within one house and makes managing multiple sites easier and a lot more convenient, without scattering information and control in several different places.

VPS are usually an upgrade for a web page that starts out small and grows to requirements beyond a shared or single page server. VPS is usually part of a long term plan for a website in the hopes the business is successful enough to reach that plateau. VPS hosting are optimized for performance and performance packages are available for a onetime fee, in addition to a monthly or yearly fee. The performance packages will allow the website to operate quicker, load quicker and connect to the Internet quicker making the website more reliable.