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Microsoft Windows allows the establishment of a server using their operating system. It has built in capabilities, making the server set up fairly simple. The hosting server does not have to work in the windows environment, even if the customer does have Windows on their PC.

The advantage to using a Windows based hosting platform is it takes the worry out of compatibility. Windows is compatible with most systems and applications and most support options are available. Just about all the Microsoft tools are in place and fully functioning and eliminates the need for introducing add on’s that might compromise the overall function of the server system. It also eliminates the need to learn new software.

Database storage with Windows offers higher performance and reliable capacity. Integrating Access database is easy as there are no compatibility issues. The Access database is ideal for personal and corporate websites, making it a very versatile piece of software. If the Windows server user wants to switch hosting companies, the transition will be easier and more efficient because of the high level of compatibility with Windows. The hosting transition will minimize downtime due to the switch, which is good news for ecommerce sites that make their living online.

Server support with Windows hosting is possible with the integration of Front Page Extension, ASP and NET. This eliminates the need to contact several entities to solve a problem that may arise during the integration process. This saves time, and for some website owners, time is money.

Windows hosting lends support to any website created with ASP applications and if ASP is used a great deal, the Windows environment is the best choice. Windows has proven to be one of the most, if not the most reliable and stable platform in the industry. Microsoft is always updating their security measures and Windows is user friendly.

Another major advantage to Microsoft Windows is its cost effectiveness. It ranks higher on the cost effective scale than most other platforms mostly due to the number of web pages already using Windows and the website owner’s familiararity with the software.

When choosing a web hosting service, analyze the needs and the goal of the web pages. Be sure to compare all options and decide which are must have’s and which are nice to have, but can live without. When all is said and done, most of the time, Microsoft Windows will be the ideal choice.